Uninvited Guest installation 2021

UNINVITED GUEST is an installation that I constructed during 2020-21 and was first exhibited in the Art Center Antares’s group exhibition ‘Dream and Death – Hypnos and Thanatos’ during the summer of 2021.

The idea for this work rose from the thoughts and feelings aroused by the first year of COVID-19.

Uninvited Guest consists of a building-shaped construction – a symbol of safety and home – that is occupied by odd small guests like viruses.

The installation also deals with the common anthropocentric attitude. Human beings have taken too much space and now the nature strikes back.

The size of the installation is now about 1,8×2,5×3 metres. For the next potential exhibition it will be enlarged it with a surrounding courtyard with bustling stacks of worms, bacteria and viruses :-).